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Urgent Negotiations with Employer Address Concerns Around Maternity Ward Closure at Chilliwack General

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BCNU achieves sound resolutions, continues to closely monitor situation

​Since learning of plans to temporarily close the maternity ward at Chilliwack General Hospital (CGH) last week, BCNU has been in talks with the employer to find solutions, and mitigate the impact a closure would have on staff and patients.

Engaging in collaborative negotiations, which has been BCNU's approach since learning of the decision to close the ward, has resulted in an action plan that will accommodate the needs of Chilliwack nurses, address their concerns and limit the burden on expectant mothers, families and staff during this time.

Talks between nurses and the employer have resulted in the development of a voluntary redeployment process, and as of Thursday, nurses have successfully filled all remaining volunteer shifts at Abbotsford Regional Hospital. In discussion with BCNU, the employer has agreed to cover the travel costs for nurses who travel to ARH in this time period. Those nurses will get an orientation and training on electronic charting. An orientation is also being offered to casuals so they can be available to ARH if needed.

BCNU is pleased to hear the length of time the employer expects the maternity unit will be short of obstetrician coverage has been shortened to three weeks, instead of the initial projection of three months.

BCNU Vice President Aman Grewal, along with BCNU's Fraser Valley Regional Chair, lobby coordinator and other representatives will be talking with a number of elected representatives from the community to further discuss the ongoing concerns regarding the maternity ward at CGH.

Finally, BCNU appreciates members raising concerns in their regions, worksites and directly with their BCNU representatives. By working together, we can continue to achieve success in addressing community and workplace issues.

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