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Special Elections: Vice President – Social Media

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The BCNU Nominations Committee issues a statement regarding election campaigning on social media

Vice President nominees and their member supporters are welcome to campaign on any non-BCNU social media channel.

BCNU is accountable for all posts and comments made on its officially sanctioned social media channels. Because BCNU does not have the resources to monitor these channels 24/7, the union will not be permitting candidate debate, dialogue, questions or endorsements on any of its social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Some examples of official BCNU social media include the BCNU Facebook page and caucus Facebook groups, including Men in Nursing, Young Nurses' Network and more. 

BCNU members are encouraged to learn more about candidates here and participate in upcoming online and telephone events where all candidates will be invited to speak and address member questions.

Please remember that social media platforms including closed Facebook groups are never private and members that join may not be vetted. An employer, manager, fellow colleague, general public and media may see your comment.  

Candidates in the election are responsible for any complaints which may arise due to a campaign concern. On the candidate nomination form all candidates have agreed to allow the nominations committee unrestricted access to any of the candidates' social media sites or web pages.

Complaints regarding campaigns may only be made by BCNU union members in good standing and must  go through an official complaint process.

Before you post, is it

  • rue?

  • elpful?

  • nspiring?

  • ecessary?

  • ind?

Michelle Nelson, RN
BCNU Nominations Committee 

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