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Volunteer to Help in an Emergency

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After its launch last year, the Emergency Health Provider Registry
is in operation and looking for volunteers

​Last year, HealthLink BC, health authorities, and the Ministry of Health set up the Emergency Health Provider Registry (EHPR). This service allows nurses and other medical professionals to volunteer to assist colleagues during emergencies like wildfires, floods, tsunamis or earthquakes. 

Nurses who volunteer can be connected with health authorities managing local emergencies to ensure there are enough health care professionals on-hand to manage the situation. If members are interested in volunteering, they can do so by calling HealthLink BC at 8-1-1. 

To register, members simply need provide some basic information about themselves, such as job title, special training and skills, availability and information about which regions they might be willing to travel to. Members do not need a supervisor’s approval to register, but, if a nurse is called up, the duty will need to be approved by their supervisor. The employer will then arrange the assignment, including making all necessary arrangements for travel, accommodation and compensation. 

For more information, please review the Q&A document issued by the Ministry of Health.

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