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BCNU Encourages Members to Receive Influenza Vaccination

  • Bulletin; Health & Safety
All BC Nurses’ Union members are encouraged to receive the influenza vaccine and assist the province in its influenza prevention efforts

The union is working collaboratively with the Office of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and the Health Employers Association of BC to promote immunization as one method to reduce the rate of influenza transmission.

The Office of the PHO’s Influenza Control Program Policy has been in effect since Dec. 1. It stipulates that health-care staff are expected to either be immunized against influenza or wear a mask as appropriate when providing patient care. The policy requires all staff to report their vaccination status to their employer.

The reporting of influenza vaccination status will help the Office of the PHO, provincial health employers and BCNU to:

  • Understand how the health-care system is protected in order to safely care for patients

  • Track the rate of vaccination by area and facility to better monitor supply and access to the vaccine and further understand the risk for a potential outbreak

  • Anticipate proper staffing in areas with lower immunization rates and increased health-care worker sick days

Nurses understand their professional responsibility to protect themselves, their colleagues, family, and communities. Receiving the influenza vaccine can help nurses reduce the potential burden on the health-care system, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s influenza policy complements requirements established for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic and should contribute to reducing the risk of all communicable respiratory infections.

For instructions on how to report your vaccination status, including a link to submit your information, go to Influenza Self-Reporting.

To learn more about the Influenza Control Program Policy, review the government’s FAQ document.

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