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Candidate Withdraws; BCNU President to be Acclaimed

  • Bulletin; Election
Nominations Committee accepts Katherine Hamilton’s decision to formally withdraw her nomination to run for President

The BCNU Nominations Committee has received the decision by Katherine Hamilton to withdraw her name as one of two candidates running for the position of BCNU President. The Committee accepts this withdrawal and has directed staff to take the steps necessary to acknowledge Ms. Hamilton's decision in BCNU elections materials. 

The Committee has expressed its thanks to Ms. Hamilton for putting her name forward and participating in the 2020 BCNU election.

As a result of Ms. Hamilton's decision, Christine Sorensen, current BCNU President and candidate running for re-election, will be acclaimed into the role following the close of the voting period, August 21. 

The election for all other provincial and regional positions will proceed as planned, with voting underway from August 14 until August 21. For more information, go to the elections page of the BCNU website.

If you would like to reach the BCNU Nominations Committee, please call 604-433-2268 and press 9 to leave a message with the committee, or email Michelle Nelson, chair of the BCNU Nominations Committee.

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