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Interim PCAP to be Implemented While Parties Collaborate on Final Agreement

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HEABC and the Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA) have been working on the implementation of Article 60 (Direct Patient Care Assessment) of the collective agreement since ratification of the 2019-2022 agreement.

Article 60 of the NBA Collective Agreement provides for a collaborative direct patient care assessment process (PCAP) at the health authorities (HA) and Providence Health Care (PHC) to support the determination of immediate (short-term) direct patient care staffing requirements.

Despite significant efforts by both parties, agreement on a final PCAP has not been completed. Following a temporary suspension of the process during the COVID-19 pandemic response period, the parties have been working diligently to finalize and implement the collaborative process. On May 22, 2020, the parties agreed to establish a three-person panel, chaired by Vince Ready, to assist with the work.

In October, despite making significant progress, the parties recognized that additional time was needed to complete the final PCAP and that an interim approach would be necessary. On November 15, the Panel issued an Award which prescribes an interim PCAP that is to be applied in each direct care practice area within HA/PHC. HEABC and the NBA are currently working on the implementation process for the interim PCAP. The broad payment of the Working Short Premium will be discontinued in each area once the interim PCAP tool is implemented in that area. The Working Short Premium will then only be paid when the nurses are deemed to be working short pursuant to the interim PCAP and Article 28.04.

HEABC and the NBA appreciate the hard work that has been done by both NBA and employer representatives to date including in-charge nurses, managers and frontline nurses that have provided their input and feedback. Following implementation of the interim PCAP, work will continue on the development of a final PCAP.

Further details on the interim tool will be provided over the coming days.

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