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Lobby Efforts Underway in Advance of Provincial Election

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Members encouraged to review the union’s key asks of candidates

The BCNU website has a new provincial election campaign webpage containing key asks of candidates running in the upcoming provincial general election.

Members are encouraged to visit the page and review a complete list of nine priority issues for nurses across the province.

BCNU regional lobby coordinators will be reaching out to all of the candidates during the campaign and giving them an opportunity to explain how they will address critical health-care issues such as BC's nursing shortage or the lack of a comprehensive seniors' strategy.

Given the current social distancing measures in place, BCNU will be leveraging its provincial social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to share our key asks with all members and the public as broadly as possible.

Candidates will be confirmed by Elections BC on October 2. Advance voting is scheduled for October 15-21 with the general voting day scheduled for October 24.

Visit the Elections BC website for more information regarding the election timelines.

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