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Members Entitled to Time Off to Vote

  • Bulletin; Election
Contract provision ensure nurses’ right to election leave in order to vote in upcoming provincial election

Advance voting in the upcoming provincial general election gets underway October 15 – 21; the general voting day will take place October 24.

Members are encouraged to coordinate the time off from work necessary to cast their vote. Article 36 – Leave – Elections of the Nurses' Bargaining Association (NBA) provincial collective agreement states that employees who are eligible to vote shall be entitled to four (4) consecutive hours free from work during the hours the polls are open to cast their vote.

If you are not covered by the NBA provincial collective agreement, Elections BC's Time Off Work for Voting webpage outlines similar direction to all eligible voters.

The employer maintains the right to determine when the time off will be given. Please have a discussion with your employer as early as possible to determine when you will  take the allowed time off to vote if required.

Nurses who for any reason may need or wish to vote at another time other than at their local polling stations  on October 24 have a variety of other options. You can:



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