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Committee Provides Details on Nominee's Decision to Withdraw

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Candidate removed from the ballot at their request

There has been much speculation on social media about why Katherine Hamilton is no longer on the ballot as a candidate for BCNU President.

Katherine Hamilton was removed from the ballot at her request. She was not removed from the ballot as a result of any decision of the Nominations Committee or any other body of the Union.


The Nominations Committee received an election complaint alleging that a BCNU member was handing out campaign flyers in a worksite parking lot and that the individual encouraged the complainant to vote for certain candidates, including, but not limited to, Katherine Hamilton.

The BCNU Candidate Responsibility policy includes restrictions on physically handing out campaign materials, which all candidates were aware of and agreed to adhere to by signing their nomination forms.

Candidates will not utilize physical materials such as pamphlets, buttons or pens that could spread the COVID-19 virus.


Contacting and touching items is contraindicated as the COVID-19 virus can survive on physical surfaces.

Keeping physical distance is a means to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Candidate Responsibilities policy makes it clear that every candidate is responsible for campaign activities conducted by BCNU members campaigning on their behalf.

[Candidates] [a]re responsible for the actions of their campaign (including those participating or assisting in their campaign) and for their campaign materials.

In accordance with the rules of natural justice and procedural fairness (due process), the Nominations Committee asked Katherine Hamilton and all other candidates named in the complaint for a response to the complaint.

In response to the Nominations Committee's request for a response to the complaint, Ms. Hamilton asked for her name to be removed from the ballot.

The Nominations Committee then sent the following email accepting Ms. Hamilton's request to remove her name from the ballot, which was done before voting commenced.

Ms. Hamilton,

The Nominations Committee is in receipt of your email withdrawing your name as a candidate for the position of BCNU President. We also are aware of your post on Nurses Engaged where you have announced your decision to withdraw. The Nominations Committee regretfully accepts your withdrawal and will take the steps necessary to remove your name from the ballot and remove your candidate bio from the BCNU 2020 Elections web page.

We take this opportunity to thank you for putting your name forward and for participating in the 2020 BCNU election. We respect your commitment to remain true to your personal integrity and values. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

We hope this information answers the concerns expressed by BCNU members concerning Katherine Hamilton's request to be removed from the ballot.

Thank you,

Michelle Nelson
Chair, BCNU Nominations Committee

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