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Single Site Framework to Allow for Permanent Postings

  • Bulletin; Health & Safety
Updated process will address recruitment and retention concerns

Effective Oct. 8, nurses assigned to one worksite under the terms of the Provincial Health Officer's single site order in respect to long-term care facility staff movement are now able to post into permanent positions at any of the sites they worked prior to being put on leave during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Until recently, all new vacancies posted were temporary under the terms of the Single Site Transfer Framework developed to minimize disruption for workers limited to working at a single worksite, and to resolve widespread labour relations issues and disputes. Now, under the new permanent posting process, employers can post permanent full-time and part-time vacancies.

Job Board

All permanent postings subject to the process are being posted on the WorkBC Job Board. Employers are also posting these positions using their regular processes in an effort to notify all employees, including those on leave.  

Permanent Posting Process

All multi-site employees - that is, nurses who worked at more than one worksite prior to the onset of the pandemic  - were entitled to receive COVID-19-related unpaid leave from one worksite for the duration of the single site order and were entitled to have their combined full-time equivalent (FTE) total hours scheduled at their single worksite (to a maximum of 1.3 FTE).

Now, employers must follow the provisions of the Nurses' Bargaining Association collective agreement, and ensure that any new permanent vacancy does not exceed 1.0 FTE. However, individual employers may choose to accommodate a combined FTE of up to 1.3, and must include this information in the job posting.

The FTE hours worked, whether combined or not, is attached to an employee and not a position. This means employers are not required to post a vacancy to fill a position with an FTE higher than what is required.

EXAMPLE: You are a multi-site employee working a combined FTE of 1.3 at a single site and wish to post into a 1.0 FTE position at one of the other sites you used to work at prior to the pandemic. The employer has clearly stated they cannot accommodate a "combined FTE" in the posting. If you accept the position, you will be considered a 1.0 FTE and you lose the right to maintain your 1.3 combined FTE position.

Unless they resign, multi-site employees who post into a permanent vacancy through the permanent posting process do not give up their right to retain their employment at their previous worksites.                       

For further information on this new process, please contact your BCNU steward.

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