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Agreement Reached on Development of Final PCAP Tool

  • Bulletin; Contract
Canadian Institute for Health Information to assist the parties in continued work on completing the final PCAP tool 

BCNU has reached an agreement with HEABC on the completion of a final patient care assessment process (PCAP) tool.

BCNU has insisted upon and secured agreement that access to proper data is paramount to inform the development of a PCAP tool. BCNU and HEABC will form a data working group to assist in this regard. The data working group will be provided access to all relevant and available staffing data including utilization and payment of the Working Short Premium. As well, the parties will commission the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) to perform a nurse-specific cross-jurisdictional survey.

The CIHI report is to be completed by September of 2022. The Provincial Nurse Staffing Steering Committee (PNSSC) will consider the staffing data as well as the CIHI report to develop a further refined project plan for completion of the final PCAP by September of 2023.

The mediation-arbitration panel, chaired by Vince Ready and Amanda Rogers, will remain available to make a final determination on any outstanding issues prior to implementation of the final PCAP. This agreement does not impact the parties' respective rights in the collective bargaining process.

The current interim PCAP tool remains in effect until the PCAP tool has been finalized. 

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