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Process to Apply for Union Leave Confirmed

  • Bulletin; Contract
Members eligible to request time off in lieu on a day-for-day basis

BCNU has reached an updated agreement with HEABC to allow any nurse who performs union business on their scheduled time off be eligible to apply for union leave – that is, time off in lieu of the time spent conducting union business.

Nurses in a union-designated role who perform union business of 1-2 hours at a time must keep a log of hours worked. Once they have accumulated enough hours equal to the length of a normal shift, they can submit their request for a paid day off in lieu of the hours worked.

If a nurse is not able to take their lieu time within 60 days, the time is paid out at straight time. The payout is based on the length of the nurse's normal shift length.

Relevant premiums apply to all shifts taken as lieu time, excluding the Working Short Premium and Short Notice Premium. Shift premiums are not applied to payouts. 

A working group will be established to monitor the early adoption of this process throughout 2021. As part of this agreement, a two-year period has been negotiated to allow for either party to terminate the agreement following a 90-day notice period. 

Please contact your steward for more information. Visit the BCNU Member Portal to find the contact information of the steward at your worksite. 

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