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Embodying Your Practice Education Continues Into 2023

  • Bulletin; Health & Safety
On-demand course and new webinars are migrating to BCNU’s Learning Centre platform

BCNU introduced the popular Embodying Your Practice (EYP) education program just over a year ago and will continue to make it available to members into 2023 on the union's new online learning platform.

EYP is designed to provide participants with effective tools and protocols to settle their nervous systems and manage the stress and trauma in today's health-care workplace. The EYP resources are just one part of the educational offerings provided through BCNU's mental health strategy, and are designed to support and strengthen members' psychological safety and mental well-being.

Since it's launch, over 900 BCNU members have accessed EYP resources on the platform provided by the program vendor. However, to better facilitate ongoing demand, future courses will be offered through BCNU's new Learning Centre platform.

Users who registered for EYP on the original platform are encouraged to log in and download any saved work and information to their personal devices before their accounts are deactivated on Sept. 30.

This October, EYP will re-open for registration on BCNU's Learning Centre. In addition to providing their successful on-demand resiliency course, somatic educators Anita Chari and Angelica Singh will host regular webinars throughout 2022 and 2023 to help build a BCNU community of practice .

Members wishing to continue accessing EYP resources, and those new to EYP who would like to explore more, can create a BCNU Learning Centre account by viewing the catalogue of courses.

After selecting a course and clicking "apply" to attend, users will be prompted to create a new user account. Once registered, they can engage in the curriculum, track their progress and review course history.

The next EYP webinar, entitled Gratitude and Grace, will explore how practices of gratitude lead to belonging, connection and a sense of wholeness. It is scheduled for Oct. 12th at 12:00 noon. Follow BCNU member eNews for registration information.

BCNU launched its EYP education program in June 2021 with a series of webinars that saw participants examining principles of nervous system regulation, trauma-informed practice, and equity and inclusion work to help them cultivate resilience.

These were followed by Introduction to Embodying Your Practice, an on-demand resiliency course that has helped participants settle their nervous systems by recognizing and navigating feelings of overwhelm, trauma, and burnout while building and sustaining feelings of calm, even in the midst of the challenges nurses are facing today.

Contact for more information on the BCNU Learning Centre or assistance with course registration. To discuss EYP further, contact

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