Patient Care Assessment Process Now Includes More Members

October 28, 2022
Union successfully grieves the exclusion of Level 2, 4 and 5 nurses

BCNU has successfully grieved the exclusion of Level 2, 4 and 5 nurses from the Nurses’ Bargaining Association Patient Care Assessment Process (PCAP). An arbitration award has now been issued that outlines how Level 2 (LPN Supervisor), Level 4 and Level 5 RNs are eligible to participate in the PCAP and receive the Working Short Premium (WSP).;

Terms of the award:

  • Depending on their role, Level 2, 4 and 5 nurses are eligible to complete the PCAP.
  • Level 4 nurses who perform direct patient care as their position’s predominant and over-riding function will participate in the PCAP, just as Level 3 nurses do. These nurses are to submit a separate PCAP form based on their job's baseline and workload needs. A list of agreed positions is included below.
  • Level 4 Patient Care Coordinators (PCCs) will receive the WSP when they perform direct patient care alongside the Level 1 and 3 nurses on a unit that continues to work short despite their support. They will receive the WSP whether reassigned to a unit by a manager or using their own discretion in the moment to determine when they are needed to provide direct patient care.
  • PCCs who submit for the WSP must indicate the total time they were assisting in direct care while the unit was working short. Employers will provide specific information regarding payroll processes.
  • Managers may reassign Educators and other Level 2, 4 and 5 nurses to perform direct patient care. These nurses will receive the WSP when a unit continues to work short despite their support. Their details should be included in the unit PCAP tool.
  • Questions 2 and 3 on the PCAP form are now required to be completed.

Note: Employers were previously stipulating that a "4-hour minimum" was required for nurses to be eligible for the WSP. This is no longer applicable.

The issue of nurses’ workload concerns not being recognized was also discussed during the arbitration. Some units had not completed questions 2 and 3 if they answered yes to question 1 because one nursing classification was below the baseline. This was incorrect, and the award clarified that all questions must be completed on each PCAP tool. This change will help determine when other classifications in the unit are impacted by workload.

PCAP Tool Process Reminders

Questions 1–3 are to be completed on all PCAP forms and the end-of-shift questions are to be completed after each shift.

The PCAP is to be completed at the beginning and during the shift if circumstances change.

Please reach out to your local steward team if you have any questions.

Agreed Position List

Vancouver Coastal Health Older Adult Outreach Nurse

Wound Clinician (WC) Nurse

Nurse Clinician/ Clinical Resource Nurse

  • (Deep Brain Stimulation (VGH), Heart Failure (VGH), Atrial Fibrillation (VGH), Cardiac Home Follow Up (LGH), CBH-Infusion (UBC), Intrathecal Baclofen (GF Strong), Psoriasis (VGH), Rehab Spine Outpatient (GF Strong), Vascular Access (Richmond), Bariatric Clinic (Richmond))
Island Health Diabetes Nurse Educator

Nurse Clinician

  • (Heart Health, Cardiac Rehab, Perinatal, Pediatric Diabetes/Endocrinology Clinic, Pediatric Inpatient and AMB Clinic, Enterostomal Therapy, Geriatric Rehab and Stroke, Endoscopy, Liver Clinic, Mental Health Substance Use, End of Life, Multiple Sclerosis, Neonatal ICU, Renal & Trauma, COVID-19, Adult Cystic Fibrosis)

Patient Navigator

  • (Colon Screening Clinic, Breast Health)

Geriatric Outreach Nurse

Fraser Health Nurse Clinician
  • (Skin & Wound Care-medicine and home health, Cardiology, Renal, Surgical Services, Hospice Palliative Care, Geriatric)


Geriatric MH/Youth Devt Disabilities

Patient Care Coordinator MH & SUS

Coordinator, Day Program for Older Adults

Health Services for Community Living Nurse

RN Supervisor/ RN Clinical Coordinator

Medical Imaging

Interior Health Clinical Practice Consultant

Wound, Ostomy & Continence (WOC)

Nursing Coordinator - Nursing Support Services

Northern Health Wound Ostomy & Enterostomy (NSWOC)

Diabetic Outpatient Nurse

  • (Diabetes Nurse, Diabetes Nurse Educator, Diabetes Educator, Clinical Nurse Educator – Diab)

CHSS Hlth. Ser. Comm. Liv

RN - Community Cancer Services

Perioperative Resource Nurse

Pain Improvement Nurse

PSS Optimization Nurse (TSFT)

Staff Nurse-Medical Imaging

Community Mental Health Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, MH Resource Nurse

Staff Nurse-Peritoneal Dialys.

Vascular Access Nurse

Nurse Clinician (Eating Disorders Clinic)

Providence Health Care Palliative Outreach & Consult team (nurse/patient educator)

Geriatric Outreach & consult team (nurse educator)

Geriatric Emergency Nurse

Heart Failure Telehealth Nurse

Educator, Wound, Ostomy & Skin Care

Geriatric Psychiatry Outreach Nurse

Diabetes Clinical Nurse Leader

Hemoglobinopathy nurse

Cystic Fibrosis Patient Nurse Educator

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