BCNU Elections 2023

March 10, 2023
Nominations open May 8 – 24; Voting takes place June 19 - 23

The BC Nurses’ Union conducts elections for its provincial executive officers and regional council members every three years as per article 5.01 in its Constitution and Bylaws. The last election was held in 2020; the next election will take place this year.

The campaign and voting periods have now been established for BCNU's 2023 elections. The Provincial Nominations Committee has approved the following election calendar:

Nominations open:

May 8

12 noon PDT

Nominations close:

May 24

12 noon PDT

Nominations Committee vetting of candidates:

May 24 – 25


Candidate orientation:

May 26


Election campaign begins:

May 26

12 noon PDT

Voting begins:

June 19

12 noon PDT

Voting closes:

June 23

12 noon PDT

Any member in good standing who wishes to run for a position in the BCNU elections can submit a nomination form electronically via the BCNU Member Portal.

Potential nominees may access the following resources now available:

  • Candidate job descriptions
  • Candidate endorsement form
  • Sample nomination form
  • Election Eligibility – Steward Experience policy

The role of the nominations committee is to oversee the union’s elections and assume responsibility for a fair and transparent election process. The Nominations Committee also determines candidate eligibility, investigates member or candidate complaints received during a campaign or election period and makes decisions and recommendations for corrective action to ensure inclusive and culturally safe election processes that are sensitive to the needs and concerns of all BCNU members.

Please contact the BCNU Provincial Nominations Committee at if you have any questions about the election process.

If you are NOT receiving updates, news, and events emailed to you, log in to the BCNU Member Portal and update your information.