BCNU Elections 2023: Regional Candidates Confirmed

May 31, 2023
Nominations Committee discloses candidates running in 2023 election

All candidates running for regional executive positions in the 2023 BCNU elections have been confirmed by the BCNU Nominations Committee.

The Committee is providing members with the following update summarizing the nomination and candidate approval process for those interested in BCNU leadership positions.

At the close of nominations at 12:00 noon PDT on May 24:

  • A total of 158 nominations forms were received.
  • The Nominations Committee determined that all nominees are members in good standing.
  • 13 candidates are competing for the five provincial executive committee positions and there are at least two candidates for each of these positions.
  • None of the nominees for the senior leadership positions were found to be ineligible due to a lack of BCNU union steward experience.
  • 26 candidates are nominated for 20 regional council member positions.
  • Of the 20 regional council member positions, 12 will be declared elected by acclamation.
  • Of the 119 nominees for positions within the regions (excluding regional council member positions), 86 will be declared elected by acclamation.

All members are encouraged to visit the provincial candidates and regional candidate pages to view the profiles of those running for elected positions.

The Nominations Committee is responsible for directly overseeing the nominations process and elections within BCNU regions. According to BCNU policies, regional nominations representatives are responsible for advertising vacant positions on their regional executive committees and seeking members to fill them.

Please contact the BCNU Provincial Nominations Committee at if you have any questions about the elections process.

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