BCNU Fund Provides Nearly $300K Relief to Members Impacted by Weather-related Events

December 12, 2023
Nearly 400 members who were evacuated received short-term financial relief

In the summer of 2023, BCNU established a disaster relief fund to assist members who were personally impacted by the devastating wildfires in the province. The funds were intended to supplement other assistance members received through disaster relief agencies like the Red Cross or from the government.

Nearly 400 affected members applied and received the $750 support payment. The union acted swiftly to review applications and provided a total of $295,500 in one-time payments to members who continued to work tirelessly in their communities caring for others despite the significant personal impact to their homes and families. Many of these members had to evacuate their own homes due to weather-related disasters.

The union extends its gratitude to affected members who showed incredible commitment to their patients and communities through incredibly challenging circumstances. The establishment of the fund to support nurses in their time of need represents the best of the union – using our collective resources in a true act of solidarity.

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