BCNU Ethics Office For Council Now Established

May 28, 2024
Information about the BCNU Ethics Office, including complaint resolution and reporting, is accessible via the BCNU Member Portal

The BCNU Ethics Office, which is comprised of the BCNU Integrity Officer and the BCNU Auditor General, is now established for members.

The office was created following a resolution at last year’s convention directing BCNU to retain two independent individuals to act as an Integrity Officer and an Auditor General to assist in the revision of Council’s Code of Conduct and be retained to provide education, advice, information and formal complaint resolution and reporting.

The Code of Conduct sets out standards and expectations of Elected Officers (also referred to as Council Members) on the BCNU Council (BCNU's top governing body) and provides a process for Elected Officers, BCNU employees and members to make confidential requests and formal complaints regarding potential breaches of the Code.

Details about the BCNU Ethics Office are outlined on the BCNU Ethics Office page of the BCNU Member Portal. On this page, members can meet the BCNU Integrity Officer, Lisa Southern, and the BCNU Auditor General, Magnus Verbrugge and learn about their duties and responsibilities.

The complaint process regarding potential breaches of the Code of Conduct is outlined on the BCNU Ethics Office page and the BCNU Complaint Submission Form is available to download via a link on the page. Where a complaint has been investigated under the Code of Conduct, summary reports will be made available for reference on the BCNU Ethics Office page.

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