Financial Support for Nurses Experiencing Hardship Now Available

February 05, 2024
Members in need can receive up to $1,500

New financial assistance is now available for members experiencing unexpected hardship thanks to the Nurse Support Fund, a one-time $60-million fund successfully negotiated by the Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA) and the Ministry of Health. The fund is designed to provide nurses across the province with financial assistance to help manage their mental health and well-being.

The NBA Hardship Assistance will provide a lifetime maximum of $1,500 to nurses who can demonstrate hardship related to the following circumstances:

  • an immediate need for food, shelter or medical supplies, or other loss in wages not covered by existing benefits

  • a change in family circumstances resulting in a loss of wages or an inability to work, not otherwise covered by existing benefits

  • a disaster or climate emergency resulting in sudden or unexpected circumstances, including evacuation from a primary residence, loss of wages or financial hardship

The NBA Hardship Assistance and the NBA Supplemental Mental Health Benefit announced in December 2023 are both financed by the Nurse Support Fund. The establishment of these funds means BCNU will continue to deliver on its mission to protect and advance the health, safety, social and economic well-being of our members.

Review eligibility criteria and apply for NBA Hardship Assistance by contacting your regional council member

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