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BC College of Nursing Professionals Demand Excessive 2019 fee Increases for Nurses, Especially LPNs

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President Christine Sorensen encourages nurses to send their views to BCCNP leadership.

The decision of the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP) to increase 2019 fees for Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, from 3 percent for NPs and 4 percent for RNs and RPNs to a completely unreasonable 14 percent for LPNs is unacceptable to the BC Nurses' Union.

These increases follow the 18 per cent increase imposed on RNs last year by the then CRNBC and the 15 percent increase LPNs faced from the CLPNBC in 2018. Given the cost of living in British Columbia for nurses and their families and the challenge that ongoing rising costs pose to the recruitment and retention of nurses, it is particularly concerning.  BCNU has no control over the BCCNP's decision to increase nurses' fees again this year, but anything that affects the economic well-being of our members is important to your BCNU leadership.  

BCNU encourages our nurse members to speak out against the BCCNP's unfair and extreme boost to your fees. Contact the BCCNP Registrar/CEO, Cynthia Johansen via email at or call and leave her a message at (604) 742-6200. Tell the leadership of the new BCCNP that year-after-year registration renewal fee increases are unfair and unaffordable for nurses.

Although the annual fee collected by the BCCNP from RNs for the Association of Registered Nurses of BC (ARNBC) remains at $110.55 , BCNU's position has been and remains that a paid membership in the ARNBC should be voluntary and not imposed on nurses.

The BCCNP claims higher fees are needed to deal with more and increasingly complex complaints oversight.  In reality, the complaints system developed by the College now requires more and more money for legal counsel and investigators due to the move from a more consensual process to a highly disciplinary and adversarial one.

The so-called increased costs of amalgamation are elusive at best, as integration should have reduced costs, not increased them.  Last year's fee increases helped to pay for expensive new offices for this new amalgamated organization, hardly what hard working nurses see as a priority for their professional registration organization.

The 14 percent increase being imposed on LPNs cannot be justified. It is especially difficult for these working nurses because of the mere 30 day notice of this increase for their 2019 registration renewal which takes place from November 1 to December 31, 2018.  Coupled with last year's practice fee increase of 15 percent means BC's LPNS have faced nearly 30% more fees to practice their profession in BC. The financial burden on LPNs is even more distressing when we consider that LPNs have seen their practice fees go up every year since 2014. 

One of the most shocking statements in the communique to nurses from the BCCNP is their determination that they "expect …pressure on fees for the foreseeable future."

Please take the time to have your voice heard.  Contact or call (604) 742-6200 (toll-free at 1 866-880-7101)

To register to attend the next Open Board meeting of the BCCNP on Friday October 19 contact

 Tell the new BCCNP that enough is enough. 

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