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CLPNBC Requires Minimum Hours for Registration Renewal

  • Bulletin
​LPNs need 1,125 practicing hours within last five years for renewal

In 2014, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC (CLPNBC) introduced a requirement for registrants to have a minimum number of practice hours within five years.

Registration renewal opens on November 1 and closes on December 31. If you have not practiced as an LPN for 1,125 hours within the last five years, you will not be eligible to renew your registration for 2019. An LPN may have to meet some requirements in order to qualify for a practicing registration such as: 

  • Undergoing a competency assessment

  • Completing remediation

  • Completing a CLPNBC-approved practical nursing education program

  • Passing any exam required by the CLPNBC Registration Committee

  • Pre-approved supervised practice experience

Find more information about practice hours on the CLPNBC website.

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