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Focus Group Opportunity for Internationally Educated Nurses

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Internationally educated nurses who consider English as their second language are invited to take part in a review of an online learning program

Members who are internationally educated and consider English as their second language are invited to take part in an upcoming focus group, sponsored by BCNU. The purpose of the group is to provide feedback on a free online learning program titled Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses (CCCN), currently offered by the Manitoba Nurses' Union.

The program is designed to help nurses who are internationally educated gain the communication skills and cultural knowledge necessary to succeed in the Canadian health care system. Successful applicants will be expected to actively participate and provide feedback to BCNU on the value of the course.

The focus group runs from September 17 until December 7, 2018. Participants must complete five modules and take part in monthly webinars on various health care topics. Members will be completely self-directed and will be granted up to 74 hours of paid straight-time salary reimbursement to complete all requirements.

Preference will be given to members with less than five years of Canadian nursing experience and those who have not taken BCNU's Communicating: Essential Skills course. 

Deadline to apply is August 31, 2018.    

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