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Nurses to Receive April Wage Increase

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Close to 2% wage increase now in effect for all nurses covered by the NBA provincial contract

BCNU members who belong to the Nurses' Bargaining Association (NBA) are now entitled to receive the next scheduled wage increase of 0.5%, effective the first pay period after April 1, 2018. This, in addition to the wage lift applied this past February, amounts to a 1.9% wage increase to be applied to all nurses for the balance of the year.

NBA members' total gain in compensation since May of 2016 is now close to 6% overall.

By 2019, members will have received at least a 6.7% wage increase over the life of the agreement.

Members can view the updated NBA wage grid to find out their new rate of pay, effective the first pay period after April 1.

The final general wage increase is scheduled for February 2019.



April 1, 20151.0%
February 1, 2016 0.45%
April 1, 2016 0.5%
February 1, 20171.0% + 0.35% ESD
April 1, 20170.5%
February 1, 20181.0% + 0.4% ESD
April 1, 20180.5%
February 1, 20191.0% + ESD, to be determined

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