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Provincial Ad Campaign Depicts Impossible Situations Nurses Face

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​Overwhelming workloads, overcapacity units and the continued threat of violence at work; is it bad? it's #thatbad

Starting today, British Columbians will begin seeing new television advertisements asking them to support BC's nurses in their campaign for safer care.  The impossible choices that nurses are faced with every day while trying to provide safe care are putting both patients and nurses at risk.  It's bad. 

Nurses and members of the general public can support the campaign by using the hashtag #thatbad. This will help nurses send a strong message that things need to change for nurses and their patients in BC's health care settings.

BCNU members work in hospitals, other acute settings, long-term care and community-based nursing as well as in many other locations across BC. That's why these messages will portray various types of nursing and their unique struggles, which carry different limitations and risks to the nurses and those who they care for. Over the next seven weeks, British Columbians will watch two out of the three advertisements on television, and will see a series of social media posts and tweets encouraging users to show their support for nurses.

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