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New Socks and Warm Clothes can Help People Get a Fresh Start

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​BCNU members are socking it to poverty

Thank you to BCNU regional lobby coordinators and members who are taking action in their communities to address poverty by organizing Sock it to Poverty

Sock it to Poverty is a great way to help address the social determinants of health and homelessness in our communities by collecting warm clothing, which is then donated to local groups to assist vulnerable populations.

Please check your BCNU workplace board for posters about local campaigns in your area. Below is a confirmed list of Sock it to Poverty regional drop off locations and times:  **If you are unable to make it to a drop off date, please consider donating what you can via a colleague who is attending.**

This annual campaign started in December 2013 when members' enthusiasm flowed from BCNU's support of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition.


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