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Our Choice. Our Voice. Communication during the BCNU election campaign

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A Message from your Provincial Nominations Committee Chair

As we near the launch of the 2017 BCNU election campaigning period, which will start after noon on April 21, I want to inform you about our new approach to communication. When the BCNU election funding policy was changed to end the $3,000 allocation to each provincial executive candidate, we developed new communication tools to allow provincial candidates to interact with BCNU members throughout the province:

  • Visit BCNU's election page regularly to learn the latest. You will find a full list of candidates with links to their personal websites or Facebook profiles (if they have them) which should be complete by Friday, April 28. This is important because we will not be permitting BCNU election-related posts on any official BCNU Facebook pages/groups or other social media platforms.

  • Watch for information on joining the live-streaming of the provincial executive all-candidate debate at Convention. Members who are not delegates will be able to view the discussion in real time. To participate, join through the BCNU member portal.

I look forward to a professional and respectful campaign. Your Provincial Nominations Committee will be available to answer questions. We’ll soon be sending out information about the election hotline and explaining how voting will occur.

You can reach me at

If you have questions about regional executive elections, contact your Regional Nomination Committee chair. Names and emails can be found on the BCNU website election page.

​If you are NOT receiving updates, news, and events emailed to you, log in to the BCNU Member Portal and update your information.

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