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Provincial Violence Prevention Education Essential for BCNU Members

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BCNU is strongly supportive of the provincial violence prevention education sponsored by the health authorities.

Violence in health care has been steadily rising for the past six years, with LPNs, RNs and RPNs accounting for about 31 percent of all injuries. Most of this workplace violence is preventable, and employers are required by provincial law to ensure risks are eliminated or minimized by focusing on prevention strategies.

The opportunity for nurses to acquire the latest in violence prevention techniques is available at health care worksites across BC, as employers hasten to fulfil their commitment to address deficiencies by June 30, 2017.

This offering is intended to reach out to nurses who have not previously completed the Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum (PVPC). Most important this education is:

  • Compulsory in-service training for all nurses that includes paid time off work (even if taken during your off-hours)
  • Subject to replacement so your position is backfilled and your patients and fellow nurses aren't disadvantaged
  • The employer's responsibility and they must contact those nurses who are new to nursing, or new to a high-risk service area.

If you are told otherwise – for example, that you have to take this training on your own time, or your colleagues are responsible for your patient load during your absence – contact your steward immediately to ensure your leave is paid and your work is backfilled.

Managers should be scheduling these sessions immediately, in order to meet the June 30 deadline. If you aren’t hearing about local opportunities, please alert your steward so they can make inquiries

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