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Learn how BCNU is pushing for changes to the way WorkSafeBC compensates nurses suffering from work-related mental disorders and find out more about how the union is supporting internationally educated nurses. And read our feature story on the rural and remote nurse staffing crisis highlighted in a recent report from the Auditor General.

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Featured Articles
Fighting in her memory
Fighting In Her Memory

Whenever the four members of Ayre Manor’s bargaining team felt a little discouraged about the state of contract negotiations, they’d ask themselves: “What would Anna do now?”

Running on OT
Running on Overtime

For nurses, long shifts and extended workweeks have become an almost permanent part of what it means to work within BC’s health-care system.  

Claim Denied
Claim Denied

Mike Basham remembers the day in November 2017 like it was yesterday: He and another psychiatric nurse along with a security guard are escorting a young psychiatric patient with a history of violence back to a

Charting a Path
Charting a Path

Sukhpreet Kahler has wanted to be a nurse for as long as she can remember. “I lived in an extended family and I always wanted to help old people or whoever was sick in my family,” she says. 

Staffing Crisis
Staffing Crisis Hits The North

“We looked to see if Northern Health was effectively recruiting and retaining enough registered nurses and nurse practitioners to fill these positions. We concluded that it was not,” said Auditor General Carol

Human Right And Equity Q & A

The Young Nurses’ Network is one of five BCNU equity-seeking caucuses. The group creates a space that allows young nurses and nursing students (age 35 and younger) to meet socially, share experiences, address issues of

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