December 2018

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This special bargaining issue contains details on the proposed Nurses' Bargaining Association 2019-22 provincial collective agreement. Read about the innovative nurse-driven workload assessment process that will determine safe staffing levels. Learn about new premiums to compensate members for working short and find out more about new leaves and scheduling options that respect nurses' professional autonomy.

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Featured Articles
Male nurse in hallway station
Staffing to Meet Patient Care Needs

A joint patient care needs assessment process will help determine appropriate short-term staffing levels.

Group of members sitting around a table
Respecting our Professional Autonomy

Leave days and self-scheduling will elevate and advance the profession of nursing. 

Close up of woman's eyes looking up into health benefit icons
Sustaining a Great Benefit Plan

Nurses will be consulted about the benefits they value and want protected. 

Gold piggy bank
Securing our Future

Options for control over our retirement security to be explored.

Nurse caring for patient in hospital bed
Supporting our Professional Practice and Development

New funding has been secured for professional development and education.

Nurse facing patient holding patient's hand
Supporting our Work in the Community

Specialized care programs will help nurses provide care to more complex patients. 

close up of hands using a calculator
Fair Compensation

Pay will increase further if employers don’t staff to meet patient needs.

'Crime scene do not cross' taped across disheveled room
Keeping Nurses Safe

Provincial framework will make care safer and healthier for nurses and patients.

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