Dr. Leila Harris

Dr. Leila Harris - HRE Conference 2019

Dr. Leila Harris examines social, cultural and political-economic and equity dimensions of environmental and resource issues. Much of her work has focused on key themes of water politics and governance, political ecology and environmental justice, critical development studies, and intersectional and feminist approaches to nature-society studies. Dr. Harris is Professor with the Institute of Resources, Environment and Sustainability, and with the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, at UBC. She is also a Faculty Associate with the Department of Geography and is Co-Director of the Program on Water Governance.

Current projects of the EDGES Research Collaborative (Environment & Development: Gender, Equity and Sustainability Perspectives, www.edges.ubc.ca) include focus on water security and governance, politics associated with the human right to water, urban water resilience, Indigenous water governance, and transforming water governance for equity and sustainability (with past and current projects in Canada, Turkey, Ghana and South Africa).

UPDATED: February 28, 2023

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