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Skill Labs

​Skill Labs are online sessions designed for stewards to review and practise their skills over Zoom. Any steward can attend these drop-in sessions, which will occur regularly each month. Some sessions are components of full courses while others are standalone sessions. Each session will include a brief presentation on the topic with time for you to practise and refine your skills creating the ultimate steward simulation!

These interactive sessions require stewards to come prepared to engage in the session. We recommend that you join via a computer or tablet to get the most out of the experience.

Please note: These sessions are complimentary and can be taken multiple times. Skill Lab sessions are not salary reimbursed.

Employer Investigations

This session reviews the purpose of an employer investigation as well the steps you need to take before, during, and after, the investigation meeting. Participants will practise their skills using case studies. This session is a component of the Steward Essentials course.


How to Host a Zoom Meeting

Have you ever wanted to organize and host an effective virtual meeting using Zoom? Then this session is for you! This session reviews Zoom set-up and meeting actions followed by a review and practise. The session will help you to facilitate Zoom meetings for the membership and your teams. This is a standalone session.

Pre-requisite: How to Participate in Zoom or experience using Zoom to complete online meetings or webinars.  

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How to Produce a Zoom Meeting

Learn how to support a Zoom event for larger groups or highly interactive sessions such as regional events. We will discuss the functions of a producer, tips, and tricks for effective production of Zoom sessions, and how to work with a presenter/facilitator to effectively produce Zoom sessions. This is a standalone session.

Pre-requisite: How to Host a Zoom Meeting

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How to Read and Interpret a Collective Agreement

This introductory overview provides instruction and practise on easy-to-use tools and resources that make reading and interpreting YOUR collective agreement straight forward. This session is a component of the Steward Essentials course.

Pre-requisite: Complete this module in the Steward Resource Toolkit (CON021)

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Note Taking

This session focuses on steward note-taking training, not formal minute taking. Through activities, discussion, and practise, we will explore how to be a better note-taker. This session is a component of the Steward Essentials course.

Pre-requisite: Review the following video in the Steward Resource Toolkit: GRH160

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Union Management Meetings

This session introduces Union Management Meetings. We explore why we have these formal meetings and how to proactively participate as a union representative. There are brief descriptions provided, followed by practice sessions with time for questions at the end. This session is a component of the Steward Essentials course.

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