Embodying Your Practice

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October 01, 2022 - April 01, 2023
Recommended time to complete this on-demand course is between 2 to 4 months
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April 01, 2023

This is a dynamic approach that brings relief from the overwhelm by teaching BCNU members effective tools and protocols to settle their nervous systems. You can immediately begin to incorporate these tools into your daily life, whether it's at home, on your way to work, while you're organizing charts on your shift, or getting ready to leave work at the end of the day. We know that you don't need more busywork, you need practical protocols that will help you to settle and feel connected to yourself in an efficient way, and that's what you'll find in the course.

This course is delivered in an asynchronous, self-paced online format, with optional live (virtual) sessions facilitated by the course guides. 

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Contact: Melissa Minter.

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This self-paced course is not salary reimbursed.

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