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BCNU Prepares for Bargaining for Nurses Covered by the Public Service Contract

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BCNU is preparing for contract negotiations for nurses in the public service collective agreement.

The current contract expires on March 31, 2019, but its' terms will continue until a new contract is negotiated.

BCNU is asking public service nurses to put their names forward to join the bargaining committee as members or alternates. We are looking for one member and one alternate from each of the following facilities or regions – the Maples, IAU/Burnaby Youth Custody, the North and Vancouver Island.

The roles for bargaining committee and alternate members are below.

Bargaining committee members:

  • represent nurses during contract negotiations

  • balance their own personal contract needs with the desires of all members

  • attend bargaining preparation and negotiating sessions with the employer

  • provide feedback to members and the committee

  • assist with bargaining campaigns and votes.

Bargaining committee alternate members:

  • stay current with negotiations

  • assist with gathering and sharing information

  • assist with bargaining campaigns and votes

  • replace committee members if they leave the committee or the employer.

As BCNU approaches negotiations we ask members to support their committee by reading bargaining information, attending contract meetings and giving input and ideas to the bargaining team.

Please ensure that your personal contact information is up to date in the BCNU member portal. We will rely on that information to send you updates as bargaining progresses.

If you have questions about joining the bargaining team or the negotiating process please email

​If you are NOT receiving updates, news, and events emailed to you, log in to the BCNU Member Portal and update your information.

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