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Pension Review Committee Makes Recommendation to Plan Partners

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Nurses to have final say on pension recommendation; Union to provide more information prior to a vote

​The Pension Review Committee (PRC) announced on October 6 that it has reached a joint agreement on a recommendation to the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP) Partners. The PRC requested the MPP Partners consider creating a distinct group within the Plan. This recommendation is a significant step forward to achieving a separate group for nurses. 

There needs to be confirmation from the Plan Partners that forming a separate group for nurses will not adversely impact other members of the plan, as well as a review to determine what changes may be necessary to support a new group. Once the parties have completed this work, we will ask members to make the final decision through a vote on whether to maintain status quo as members of the MPP or to take the step to form a separate group within the MPP.  Further details will be provided prior to the vote. 

For more information, please contact BCNU Executive Councillor Michelle Sordal.

The Pension Review Committee (PRC) was established following the Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA) 2019-2022 contract negotiations to ensure that a pension plan structure is in place that would allow nurses to have a meaningful say in any future changes to their pension plan. The PRC is made up of three appointees from the NBA and three appointees from the employer.

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