Single Site Order Update

November 17, 2022
Government and health employers release timeline for removal of order

The BC government is continuing with plans to remove the single site order that was implemented by the Provincial Health Officer in April 2020 as a measure to help control the spread of COVID-19. Employers will be contacting members on COVID-related leave to ask if they intend to return to their previously COVID-restricted site. COVID-related leave has applied to those multi-site workers required to work at a single site as a result of the public health orders.

Further to the BCNU bulletin issued on Oct. 20, the government and health employers have provided the union with the following timeline for the rescinding of the order:

  • Nov. 30, 2022 – Employees will be asked to inform their employers whether they are returning to COVID-related leave sites or resigning

  • Dec. 15, 2022 – Employers update and post new schedules, which will be implemented after the orders are rescinded on Dec. 31, 2022

  • Jan. 1, 2023 – Employers will implement updated schedules

  • By Jan. 15, 2023 – Temporary positions will be posted as permanent in accordance with applicable collective agreement provisions

  • Starting January 2023 – Vacancies created by the expiry of the temporary postings will be posted and filled in accordance with the applicable collective agreement

BCNU continues to meet with the Health Employers Association of British Columbia with the shared goal of ensuring minimal disruption to the provision of care while protecting union members' job security and rights.

Members who have not been contacted by their employer regarding their intentions to return to a COVID-restricted worksite should contact their employer immediately. Those requiring assistance should contact their BCNU steward or email Please include your full name, work site, and summary of concerns.

BCNU will continue to communicate with stewards and members as more information becomes available.

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