Long-Service Pay Increase Application Now Open

October 05, 2023
Members who believe their employer has not recognized their full previous nursing experience can submit a one-time application for ‘Add Pay’

Long-service pay rates (“Add Pay”) based on seniority date (regular) or seniority hours (casual) have been applied to many nurses covered under the Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA) collective agreement who have reached 15-, 20-, 25- and 30-year milestones in their career.

Milestone Year Additional Hourly Pay
15 $0.50
20 $1.25
25 $2.25
30 $3.50

If you are receiving Add Pay, please check your pay stub to ensure the pay rate is correct.

The following nurses can now submit an application form to their employer requesting that their current Add Pay rate be amended to recognize both their experience and their seniority:

  • existing RNs/RPNs who initially joined the NBA as LPNs on or after the first full pay period following May 11, 2016; and,
  • all existing nurses (RNs/RPNs/LPNs) hired under the NBA provincial collective agreement since October 1, 2013, who at the time of their hire did not have existing seniority and were deemed eligible by the employer for recognition of relevant nursing experience under Article 52 or Article 11.04(F)(2)(C).

Application forms must be submitted by Dec. 31. Applications will not be considered after this date.

Please reach out to your employer to request the form.

If you have received your Add Pay based solely on your seniority and the rate does not match your seniority date or hours, please contact a BCNU steward to file a grievance.

For more information, please read the May 30 bulletin, announcing the NBA and HEABC agreement regarding the application of long-service pay increases.

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