Nominations Committee Responds to Complaints About Non-Sanctioned Campaign Materials at Worksites

June 14, 2023
Campaign materials should not be left at worksites

This bulletin is issued by the BCNU Nominations Committee.

We have received numerous complaints about non-sanctioned campaign materials at worksites including on tables, fridges, bulletin boards and otherwise.

While candidates are permitted to hand campaign materials to members who accept them, materials must not be left at worksites.

Please be advised that the Nominations Committee permits members to remove any campaign materials offending the campaign rules. Read the candidate responsibilities for more information. 

The Nominations Committee may also require candidates to personally remove campaign materials that offend election-related rules or bylaws where the Nominations Committee deems that appropriate.

Violation of campaign rules detracts from a free and fair election and may result in sanctions to candidates and/or members posting campaign material.

Please review candidate responsibilities set out above, as well as other resources on the BCNU general elections page

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