Single Site Order Update #2

January 17, 2023
Unions are working with government and health employers to ensure fair removal of order

BCNU and other health-sector unions continue to meet with the Health Employers Association of British Columbia and the Ministry of Health to implement the terms of a single site order (SSO) transitional framework agreement recently negotiated with the help of an arbitrator.

The agreement, which aims to ensure the SSO is removed with minimal workplace disruption to staff and patient care, allows unions continue to advocate for members’ job security and rights.

The SSO expired on Dec. 31, 2022. The order had been put in place by the Provincial Health Officer in April 2020 as measure to help control the spread of COVID-19.

Key information updates:

WAGE LEVELING Unions continue to advocate for wage leveling, and the Ministry of Health has made statements indicating that wage leveling will continue following the full removal of the single site order at both independent and publicly funded sites. Please see page 31 of the BC Human Resources Strategy for more information.

WORKING GREATER THAN 1.0 FTE As of Jan. 1, 2023, any member working over 1.0 FTE will return to applicable contract language with overtime rates applied accordingly.

ROTATIONS These may be impacted with the end of the single site order. Please connect with a local steward for assistance as needed.

TEMPORARY POSITIONS Any position that was posted temporarily as a result of the single site order will be posted permanently for application under the applicable collective agreement.

Last November, employers began reaching out to employees who were on COVID leave as a result of the single site order to confirm their intent to return to a COVID-restricted site. Any member who has not been contacted by their employer should inform their manager immediately.

Members requiring assistance transitioning out of a single site should contact a local steward or email Please include your full name, worksite and summary of concerns.

Please consult our FAQ for more details on the Single Site Transition Framework.

More information on the process to repeal the SSO can be found in the Provincial Health Officer’s Dec. 16, 2022 Order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Single Site Transition Framework and COVID-19 Related Measures Act

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I am returning to my COVID-leave employer where I owned a permanent position. The employer has no lines available to me. What happens?
I am a junior employee who was bumped by another member returning to the worksite from a COVID-leave employer. My employer has no positions available to me. What happens to me?


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