Not Okay

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Nurses providing care are subjected to serious health and safety risks every day – and it’s not okay.

BCNU wants to hear from you! The union is asking members to share personal experiences of unsafe working conditions by completing a short, online survey.

Not Okay - Workplace Health and Safety Survey

The data collected will help BCNU highlight the need for safer workplaces and health authority accountability during its provincial lobbying efforts this May. The collection of site-specific information will also support the union’s on-the-ground advocacy work at various health-care settings around the province. Members are reminded that the survey does not replace any other formal reporting mechanisms currently in place for reporting injuries, violence, or any other safety concerns.

Any member who has experienced a workplace incident should report it to the Provincial Workplace Health Contact Centre at 1-866-922-9464, even if there is no injury or immediate illness. Employers have a legislated responsibility to investigate every incident that is reported to this number.

UPDATED: April 10, 2024

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