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Safe Staffing

​​Safe Staffing = Safe Patient Care.  It’s in our contract. Use it!​

If you are told you have to work short because there is no nurse to call, no overtime, no money in the budget or not enough casuals or casual pools – the employer is violating our contract.  These are not acceptable reasons and the situation may compromise safe patient care.  Take action to protect your rights and patient safety by contacting your BCNU steward today.​ 


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Watch and L​ea​​​rn

​Meet Becky, BCNU's advocate, educator, and champion of the safe staffing language that was gained in the current collective agreement. ​

Is Your Unit Working Short?

Struggling with increased patient demand? Becky tells a member how newly bargained rights help deal with overcapacity.


Are You Struggling at Overcapacity?

Becky talks to a member about new contract language ​that says the Employer WILL replace short term absences.



Were You Replaced When You Went on Vacation?

Becky explains how the NBA contract provides for long term absence replacements.


Is the Community Covered?

New contract gains mean community nurses will be back-filled for at least two weeks of vacation each year.


Nurse In Charge: Rights & Responsibilities

Do you know much about the in-charge nurse language, negotiated in the last round of collective bargaining? In this video, Becky explains to Vanessa some of the details around what was gained in the new language. Employers need to respect these rights -- find out what they are, and how you can enforce them!


Online Interactive Contract Interpretation Tool

BCNU's Safe Staffing videos have helped members understand key parts of the new language. Check out the new interactive contract interpretation tool, designed to help BCNU members use the staffing language that was gained in the last round of bargaining.

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