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2019 Federal Election

​Health Care Matters to Canadians

Canada’s health-care system was a key priority in the 2019 federal election.  The election was an opportunity for nurses to use their voice to influence change and elect a government that would be committed to maintaining federal funding to meet the demands of the health-care system and improving patient care for all Canadians.  BCNU President Christine Sorensen highlighted the key issues in a video message to members. 

Following the October 21 election, BCNU is encouraging all parties to collaborate on issues that matter to Canadians. A minority government is an opportunity for all MPs to work together with the provinces to ensure that patients get access to the care they need.  Read the full bulletin

Key issues for nurses in the 2019 federal election:

Other important election priorities:

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All nurses under the NBA collective agreement are entitled to four consecutive hours free from work during the hours the polls are open with no loss of salary.

Read the full bulletin

Article 36 - LEAVES: NBA Collective Agreement

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